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Taiko Classes for All Levels

Kaminari offers taiko classes for students at all levels, from absolute beginners to performing members. Taiko instruction resembles martial arts training, so come prepared for a mental and physical workout.

Adult students who are just beginning their study of taiko have two options: Beginner Taiko or Recreational Taiko. Children who would like to play taiko can join our Kids' Taiko Workshop.

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Classes for Adults

Photo credit: Kaminari Taiko

Photo credit: Kaminari Taiko

Beginner Taiko

Beginner Taiko is the first class on our Performance Track, designed for dedicated students with an interest in performance. The class covers the fundamentals of rhythm, form, spirit, and stage presence.

Successful students have an opportunity to move on to the Apprentice and Performing levels. The class is open to students ages 16 and up.

Beginner Taiko classes meet every Sunday morning from 9:00 to 10:30 AM. New students can join the class for a free trial session on any Sunday. After your trial session, class fees are $40/month.

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Photo credit: Kaminari Taiko

Photo credit: Kaminari Taiko

Recreational Taiko

Recreational Taiko is a short-term course for students seeking personal enrichment. Classes focus on basic taiko skills, learning new rhythms and songs, and playing together as a group.

The Recreational Taiko course meets once a week for six weeks. Generally two courses are scheduled per year. Each course focuses on a different topic or aspect of taiko, so students can repeat the course and continue to develop their taiko skills.

Recreational Taiko is open to students ages 13 and up. The course fee is $120.

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Classes for Children

Photo credit: Kaminari Taiko

Photo credit: Kaminari Taiko

Junior Taiko Workshop

We are thrilled to have a workshop that is just for kids! This workshop is designed to introduce kids to the art of Japanese drumming. Students will learn basic drumming techniques and rhythms, discover how to use their whole body to play, learn a short song together, and they get to hit REALLY BIG DRUMS!

Junior Taiko is open to students ages 6-14, and there are two versions of the class for older and younger students. We supply drums and drumming accessories. Please have your children come dressed comfortably in athletic type clothing. Parents are welcome to stay and watch their children.

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Purchase a Gift Certificate

Photo credit: Kaminari Taiko

Photo credit: Kaminari Taiko

Kaminari Gift Certificates are a great way to give new and experienced students the gift of taiko! The value of the gift certificate does not expire and can be transferred to any Kaminari Taiko class. The certificate will be emailed to you after completing the form below.

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Redeeming a Kaminari Gift Card

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